Smalls and Stitch from Stash (ouch)

Month: March
Spent: 95.84 *GULP!*   (I’m actually NOT OVER, math done below)
Earned: bear with me I’m going to spell out my math given I keep fucking this part up.  6 x Mill Hill smalls = 6 X $2 = $12 and one 70 x 70 for $8 which is $20!

So okay.  Math first, shame afterwards.

Budget:  Jan $25 + Feb ($25 – $3.60) $21.40 + Mar $25 = $71.40.  Welp, that’s problematic.  Guess who just decided to count her finishing credits for real!  Jan $8 + Feb $14.00 (this is a correction to my math from that month’s reporting) + Mar $20 = $42 and $42 + $71.40 = $113.40 = TRIUMPH!!!!

So what did I buy?  Thinks I ought not to have and regret.  *sighs*  Well, sort of.  I do not regret the actual purchases as in I do not regret having these patterns, but I do regret buying them NOW, because I won’t need them for at LEAST a year and honestly at that point will only need ONE of them.  And because I bought them, I cannot buy pretty hand-dyed floss to do the Box of Delights SAL.

But I’ve known I /needed/ to stitch Chatèlaine’s Zen Garden Mandala as soon as I saw a WIP photo, and the pattern was not available.  And now it is available, and she was having a sale, and I was horrifically depressed that day, and….well, long story short (too late!) I now have the PDF patterns for Zen Garden Mandala (completely. terrifying. TERROR IN PDF FORMAT HERE.), Small Haman Oasis, and Arabian Walled Garden.

My first stitch will be the Oasis, as that chart terrifies me the least.  >_>

But as I said, not for at /least/ a year.  *sighs*  Oh well.  SfS has been /really/ good for me — sure I spent a hundred bucks I didn’t need to.  But it’s the first blowout I’ve had this calendar year O_O  AND I was mindful that I do not have all the money, so I only put in my cart the three charts I most immediately want to stitch.  Trust me, I could have added five more if I’d been going by pure whim.

And I might just do the peacock from Walled Garden as a small later this year.  And maybe a Buddha statue or bonsai from the Zen Garden.  That will make me feel better.

I was stitching like MAD at work this month, as my finish credit shows.  Part of it was that this month has been very stressy.  Part of it was…okay.  I stitch ornaments for the family Christmas tree for myself and my parents every year.  They’re almost always Mill Hill.  I do them at whatever point in the year my brain decides it’s time to go hyperactive about OMGOSHORNAMENTSORNAMENTSNOTIMEMUSTDOORNAMENTSWE’REALLGONNADIEEEEEEEEE.  Sometimes this actually does result in that much panic — I still remember with little fondness the year I was stitching all three magi and my brain decided not to care about Christmas until December — and sometimes this apparently means I stitch all the ornaments in freaking March.  So that’s the six smalls (photos below, as I’m feeling lazy again).  Rocking horse and bee skep for me; cat and train for da; drummer boy and pear for mum.

And then the small I actually /intended/ to stitch this month — Cherished Stitches’ Halloween Chronicles.  A proper finish waits until I have the inclination to iron and acquire polyfil, but.  Used the year my grandmother died, and her initials.  I think I’ll give it to mum when I’m done.

Cherished drummer horse pearcat skep train


Run by posting

I almost flubbed again, but I THINK I can manage a Smalls SAL check in post this time!  *crosses fingers*   Only two this month; the dragonfly was unexpectedly fiddly. So much frogging.  (Although it’s also far more lovely than I anticipated, so I’ll take that trade, and now I’m motivated to stock up on some more Mill Hill when I get the chance.  I’d feared I was about out of ones I’d like, but now I think I’d like more than I thought!  [how’s THAT for a sentence for you])  And the other was on fabric, which is just harder for me to work on for short time frames.  I work entirely in hand, and it takes me a bit to ease into the correct way to hold the piece for good tension and quick stitching.  Plus, OVER ONE.  And smyrna cross stitch, although that’s fun.  OVER ONE is not fun!

So here’s some bad photos.  🙂


I thought I would be better at this…

Me and scheduled things.  I don’t even know.  Anyway!  Stitch From Stash!

  • Month: February
  • Spent: $3.60, because I’m an idiot  <— EDITED
  • Earned: $12.00 <–CORRECTION, 3 x $2 = 6 + one 60×60 – 120×120 = $8.00 which is $14.00 total.

Bought more floss, of course.  I needed more black.  How this is even POSSIBLE I could not tell you.  Problem is, I decided to pick up the 400 range shades I didn’t have (most of them) because I had a good coupon on my entire purchase, and I was only carrying ONE of my Michaels gift cards on me.  There was a line, so instead of making the poor cashier take skeins off my purchase and retotal I just sucked it up. (THIS JUST IN:  $1.30 on floss overspill.  $2.30 on the Around the World In 80 Stitches chart, because reading other people’s updates is dangerous.) Finishes counted:  three mill hill tiny ornaments, and a small from Chessie and Me, “Ghost Inn”.  (size on Ghost Inn works out to /barely/ in the 60×60 – 120×120 range; normally I’d round down but this had three sections of over one on thirty six count linen that I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR so no way.) (ETA:  also it had specialty stitches)

Day late and a dollar short

So I have no idea why, but apparently blog posts are a thing my brain doesn’t want me to do.  I have been so avoidant about this post I have spontaneously fallen asleep when I decided to do it.  So here’s the blunt version: Smalls SAL 2015.  January reporting.  3 smalls stitched at work.  The photo is dreadfully blurry, but my hands were shaking very badly that day it seems, and I didn’t look until tonight.  They’re displayed at work, so this is what I’ve got since I’m not there right now (thank heavens). photo-15 (In the interests of fully disclosure, I stitched the hat in the largest piece in December.) And, it appears I’m going to bomb out of this SAL because the Stitching Lotus site won’t load, so I can’t check in.  Serves me right, I suppose.

Also also…why is wordpress claiming I published this 2/6 when it’s 11pm on 2/5 and I’m on my second edit?  Fuck the internet, I’m going to bed.

Okay, fixed the time zone thing.  How odd, that wordpress can’t even default to my continent.  How primitive.  O_o   Reporting has indeed closed.  *sighs*  And now to find out whether editing this fixes the time stamp, or if editing it an hour and ten minutes earlier than I posted it makes something blow up!

Beep Beep Boop

Month: January
Spent: $0.00
Earned: an imaginary $8.00

What can I say, the loading screen amused me.  It’s been a day.

But this is not where I talk about days, it is where I talk about stitching!  And SALs!  Which is what brings me here today.  Another SAL I was fortunate enough to squeak into was the 2015-A session of Stitch From Stash.  That’s what all the gobbledegook up top is.  Stitch From Stash is a (currently) six month commitment to actually limit one’s stitchy spending to a small BUDGET, and make use of reserves on hand.

The small budget is $25/month, and does not include pre-established subscriptions, gift cards/cash received from others as gifts (I am not allowed to give myself fifty bucks for my birthday.  I may just be that sort of generous person, but it doesn’t work that way), shipping on online orders, reusable working supplies such as needles and frames, lights, etc.

The budget may also include money earned by stitching patterns that have been in your stash for more than six months.  I am not going to spend this money, given that I’m on an austerity budget this year and it’s not like someone ELSE is gonna give me twenty bucks because I actually finished something, but I’m going to keep track out of curiosity.

Going in, here are my resources:  A really…disturbing…amount of stash.  Um.  I’ve spent the last four months kitting up a handful of really large projects, and assuming that aside from a handful of Mill Hills, that was about it.  But I recently organized EVERYTHING.

My perception was…slightly inaccurate.  Um.  Wow.  So much stash.

I also have a six-month stitchybox subscription.  Which, conveniently, will keep me in shiny new things for the duration of this endeavor.  It would be so clever if I had planned it that way!  You know what?  We’re all friends here.  Let’s agree I planned it that way.  I’m so clever, aren’t I?  It’s fabulous.

In addition to all of THAT, I have one $50 gift card to B&N (this is where I get my stitching magazines) and two $25 gift cards to Michaels (where I get my floss.  So much floss.  All the floss.  And I need more floss.)  (Please send help.)

This month I spent:

Out of pocket:  $0.00/$25

At Michael’s:  $9.64/$50  (new balance $40.36)

Exempt spending:  4 plastic flat bins from the scrapbooking section, to hold project materials together.  $17.08   I wouldn’t have let myself do this, but I found a $20 bill while cleaning.  It’s probably at LEAST 6 months old, so I don’t feel obligated to add it to my current spending money.

Aaaand today at work I finished a Mill Hill bead&button kit (Wanda’s Witchery, for the curious — I’ll post a picture soon for YAS [Yet Another SAL]) which came out April 2014.  I’ve had it at least 7 months.

I remain a real person

and possibly the best introduction to me is that I meant to have an introduction up last year.  *wry*  But now it is time for a SAL check-in.  So no introduction for you.  Instead, photographs of feeble stitching!TiraMats0112

One of the myriad of stitching fooleries I have overcommitted to this year is the Glendon Place A-MAZE-ing Desserts Stitch Along 2015, hosted by Stitched Up! and xStitchHaven.  This is a SAL where you sign up and commit to stitching one of these designs, start to finish, in 2015.  There are five check-in dates, of which the first is TODAY.

I am stitching Tiramisu, on the model fabric with all recommended threads and beads. I bought the pattern and materials pack and got the fabric for Christmas, but will no doubt have to order more silk as the damn cat has destroyed Jan15one skein of the natural and I’m not at all frugal in my stitching and have had to unpick three lengths already (and I ain’t done much to begin with).  Only short stitching sessions involved, but I can’t count and am not convinced I’m fond of silk.  By April I’m hoping, clearly, to have a great deal more stitched!

ETA:  I’m back again because while reading blogs I kept seeing references to the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL hosted by Serendipitous Stitching, and I realized that is a SAL I’d very much like to take part in.  This is my January ‘Gifted’ piece — the fabric was a Christmas gift from my awesome mum.  (And if I end up needing more silk for it, well, I’ve got a birthday too, right?  >_> )

I am a real person

and I have a right to the ball as soon as I get off my ass and find it.

This is going to be my new stitching blog for 2015, but I didn’t finish MAKING it before signups for a SAL I want to join opened.  >_<  So temp post — I’m not a bot, I will be here posting in 2015, just…maybe not UNTIL 2015.